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THE EXCISEMAN (J8x32) 3C (4C set) John Drewry Bankhead Book 6

1- 8 1s and 3s set, 1s cast 1 place and cross up to partner's place while 3s cross up and cast, 1s+2s change places on sides (RH Ladies' side and LH Men's) while 3s ½ turn RH
9-16 2s+1s+3s circle 6H round and back
17-24 2s+1s+3s set, cross RH, 2s+3s change places LH on sides and set while 1s cast (Man down and Lady up) into middle facing 1st corner (positions)
25-32 1s dance RSh round 1st corner and pull back RSh to face 4th corner (position) while corners ½ turn, pull back RSh and dance out to diagonal opposite place. Repeat with 4th corners and 1s end in 2nd place

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Also see the dance The Exciseman (Rayner) by Trevor Rayner.

The title of this dance, The Exciseman, references the The Deil's Awa Wi' The Exciseman - Poem written by Robert Burns in 1792.

An exciseman or tax collector is a person who collects unpaid taxes from other people or corporations. Tax collectors are often portrayed in fiction as being evil, and in the modern world share a somewhat similar stereotype to that of lawyers and politicians.

The Exciseman Or Tax Collector At Work
Illustration By Henry Holiday In Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting Of The Snark" 1876

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