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Finding You 56 bar strathspey for three couples in a 3 couple longwise set. Márta Lilik, 2017.

1-8 1st woman and 2nd man set advancing and, giving both hands, turn once round to place. 1st man and 2nd woman repeat.
9-12 Modified rights and lefts for three couples: 2nd and 3rd women on own side, 1st and 2nd men on own side also 1st woman and 3rd man diagonally giving left hands turn halfway to face each other and, pulling back by the left, dance out to new position.
13-16 All giving right hands to person opposite, turn halfway to face each other and pulling back right shoulder, then dance out to the other side of the set.
17-20 1st couple on women's side, 3rd couple on men's side and 2nd couple diagonally repeat bars 9-12. 1st and 3rd couples finish on the sides, facing partner.
21-24 1st and 3rd couples set to partners, giving both hands, turn partners, 3rd man and 1st woman lead partners by nearer hands one place clockwise to end on opposite sides, while 2nd woman steps down and 2nd man steps up. (order 3,2,1.)
25-32 All dance back to back with partner, all advance one step and retire one step. 3rd and 1st couples without giving hands cross to own sides, 3s remain facing out.
33-40 3rd and 1st couples dance a double figure of eight around the standing 2nd couple, 1st couple start by crossing up.
41-48 2nd and 1st couples (bottom two couples) set and rotate.
49-56 3rd and 1st couples (top two couples) dance a poussette. End in order: 312.

Repeat from new positions.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Márta Lilik, 2017)

Crib Diagram

Finding You Diagram
Finding You - From A Reel Goulash 2

Dance Information

This strathspey, Finding You, was Devised by Márta Lilik as a surprise present for her husband Dániel Gera on their wedding.

Recommended Music: Finding You (S3x56 bars version) by Dániel Gera.

(Dance information from A Reel Goulash 2, Budapest Book of Scottish Country Dances, reproduced here with kind permission)

Finding You Song - Information Video

Finding You
Finding You - 1890s

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Image copyright, reproduced here with kind permission.
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