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Golden Heather Medley

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Golden Heather Medley (Medley S4x32 R4x32) 4C Sq.Set Sue Petyt

1-2 First and third couples change places with their partners giving right hand, and dance into the centre, right hands joined
3-6 First and third couples dance right hands across one and a quarter times, to finish with first couple facing second couple and third couple facing fourth couple
7-8 All set
9-12 First couple with second couple, third couple with fourth couples dance rights and lefts, one step to each hand
13-16 All turn partners left hand for four bars, finishing as at end of bar six
17-18 All set
19-20 First couple with second couple, third couple with fourth couple, dance right hands across half way round
21-22 Second couple and fourth couple dance left hands across three quarters of the way round
23-24 Second couple and fourth couple (men pulling right shoulder back) take promenade hold and dance out to finish second couple in third couple's place, and fourth couple in first couple's place
25-32 All take promenade hold, and dance anticlockwise all the way round

1-2 All ladies dance in to the centre of the dance
3-6 All ladies set twice, turning right about on the last setting step
7-8 All ladies dance to place
9-10 All set to partner
11-12 All turn partner with the right hand
13-14 All set to corner
15-16 All turn corner with the left hand
17-24 All face partners and dance interlocking reels of three (right shoulder to begin) round the set
25-32 All circle round and back
Repeat from new positions

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Sue Petyt, 1995)

Dance Information

This dance, Golden Heather Medley, was written to celebrate the birthday of my very good friend Heather Redshaw.

Dance Information by the deviser, Sue Petyt.

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