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THE GOLDEN RUSH 40 Bar Strathspey For 4 Couples In A 4 Couple Set, Vladimir Garbuzov, Book Of Records.

1- 8 All Adv&Ret for 2 bars, 1s+2s also 3s+4s RH across, All Adv&Ret for 2 bars
9-16 All dance parallel reels of 4 on the sides. 1234
17-24 1M+2L also 3M+4L cross RH, middle 2 couples set diagonally, 1L+2M also 3L+4M cross LH, middle 2 couples set diagonally. (2)(1)(4)(3)
25-32 1s+4s circle 4H round to the Left, 4M followed by 1M and 1L followed by 4L ½ tandem Fig of 8 (out through ends). (2)41(3)
33-40 4s+1s turn partner RH 1½, 2s+4s+1s+3s circle 8H half way round. 3142

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