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Happy To See You

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Happy To See You (The Looping Man) 8x32 bar jig for couple-facing-couple round the room. Gábor Turi, 2017.
Each man has his partner on his right.

1-8 Giving right hands, turn opposite dancer once round, giving left hands, turn partner once round (men always loop at the end of each turn).
9-16 Giving both hands, turn opposite dancer once round (men loop at the end) and dance back to back with partner.
17-24 All dance a men's Chain to finish in Allemande hold facing opposite couple.
25-32 Circular Interlocking Allemande:
 25: step forward and to the right in Allemande hold, men are left shoulder to left shoulder in the centre facing their starting direction (clockwise/anticlockwise)
 26: dance a quarter of the way round to the left as in the ordinary Allemande (men stay close with the left shoulders)
 27: dance in or out and turn so that couple on the inside face clockwise, and the couple on the outside face anticlockwise
 28: dance anticlockwise outside, clockwise inside and pass the next couple (this is the couple who were behind you at the beginning)
 29-32: dance the last 4 bars of an ordinary Allemande, at the end couples are facing their original direction (clockwise or anticlockwise) and man has his partner on his right.

Repeat with next couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Gábor Turi, 2017)

Dance Information

The dance, Happy To See You, was Devised by Gábor Turi for the 10th anniversary international weekend course of the Budapest Scottish Dance Club held in Budapest, 2017.

(Dance information from A Reel Goulash 2, Budapest Book of Scottish Country Dances, reproduced here with kind permission)

Happy To See You
A Marine Reunites With His Wife And Meets His Daughter For The First Time

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