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Hayford Reel

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Hayford Reel
John Fletcher
Reel   4 x 32 bars   4 Couple Repeat   4 Couple Set   Longwise Set

  1-4   All take hands on the sides and slip to the right;

  5-8   all slip to the left, finishing in original places, retaining hands;

  9-12 all advance and retire, finishing by releasing hands and all (except 1L 4M) facing diagonally right;

13-14 1M2L 2M3L 3M4L turn by the right, finishing in places, all (except 1M 4L) facing diagonally left;

15-16 2M1L 3M2L 4M3L turn by the left, finishing in places;

17-20 1s turn by the right;

21-24 1s lead down to 4th place;

25-32 2s3s 4s1s 4 hands round to the left and back.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

13-14 Turn first corner (if you have one) by the right.

15-16 Turn second corner (if you have one) by the left.

23-24 2s3s4s take hands on the sides and step up one place.

Dance Information

John Fletcher devised this dance for use at the ceilidh on the occasion of his daughter's wedding. The bride and groom had been at school together as infants but went their separate ways before eventually getting back together.

The dance tells a story of young people growing up: in bars 1-8, the boys and girls show interest only in their own kind; in bars 9-12 they make tentative advances; they actually have dates in bars 13-16; the dancing couple become engaged in bars 17-24; bars 25-32 represent the wedding celebration.

The dance is named from the couple's married surname.

Additional search terms: Ceilidh Dance.

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