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Heather And Sally's Charity Jig

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HEATHER AND SALLY'S CHARITY JIG 8x32 Jig for 3 Couples in a 4 Couple Set George T Watt

1- 8 1s lead down, Lady turn under Man's arm lead up on opposite side to 2nd place but stay in the middle retaining Right Hands (2s step up on 3 and 4)
8-12 with Lady leading 1s dance Right Hands across with 2nd and 3rd Ladies
13-16 1st lady leading 1s dance Left Hands across with 2nd and 3rd Men finish facing lady's side with nearer hands held
16-24 while 2s and 3s dance Rights and Lefts; 1s lead out through 2nd Lady's place and cast Lady up Man down, 1s meet up and down the dance and turn ¾ to 2nd place own sides (1s may have a wee birl)
25-32 Circle 6 Hands round and back.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, George T Watt 2020)

Dance Information

Heather and Sally are renown for their charity dances in Aberdeen and for their caring for animals - but most importantly, for their good humour.

Suggested tune: Bobby Crowe of Balmullo by W. Hunter.

(Dance information by the deviser, George T Watt)

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