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A Holywood Production (S3x32) A 32 bar strathspey for three couples in a longwise set. Murrough Landon

1-4 2nd and 3rd couples dance mirror set and link with 2nd couple dancing down the centre, touching nearer hands, as 3rd couple cast up. 1st couple stand.
5-8 1st and 3rd couples dance mirror set and link with 1st couple dancing down, touching nearer hands, to end facing out in 2nd place as 3rd couple cast up. The order is now 3,1,2.
9-12 1st couple cast to their right around 3rd corners and come in to face each other on the 2nd corner diagonal, briefly taking both hands. Meanwhile 3rd and 2nd couples advance diagonally, briefly taking hands in a circle (1st corners offering their hands palm up) and retire to place.
13-16 1st couple pull right shoulder back and cast to their right around 2nd corners to end in 2nd place facing in. Meanwhile 3rd and 2nd couples again advance and retire as in bars 9-12.
17-24 All dance "push-me pull-you" reels on the sides. 1st couple follow the track of a left shoulder reel of three while 3rd and 2nd couples dance back to back twice, first passing left shoulder on bar 17, then right shoulder on bar 21. 1st couple end on the centre line, right shoulder to each other, 1st man below 1st woman.
25-28 1st woman with 3rd couple at the top and 1st man with 2nd couple at the bottom dance left hands across. At the end 1st couple pass left shoulder to face each other up and down on the centre line, 1st man above 1st woman.
29-32 1st couple set to each other then turn three quarters with both hands to end on the sidelines in the order 3,1,2.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA January 2019)

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A Holywood Production - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This dance, A Holywood Production, was devised for Patrick Brunskill who is responsible for filming, editing and occasionally appearing in the excellent series of Belfast branch videos (many thanks also to the other members of the demonstration team). Patrick lives in the Holywood district of Belfast which is pronounced exactly like the more famous film district of Los Angeles.

The dance starts with 2nd and 3rd couples setting the scene. 1st couple only make their entrance on bar 5. 1st couple's path in bars 9-16 is very like the "pass half round" figure. The "push-me pull-you" reels in bars 17-24 were devised by Terry Glasspool in Back To Back (An Itch to Dance).

Music: J Scott Skinner (J Murdoch Henderson).
Suitable recording: The Sands of Forvie (Keith Smith And Muriel Johnstone: Vintage Goldring).

Holywood, Belfast
The Holywood Arches, Belfast

Dance information by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA January 2019.
Image copyright Albert Bridge under this Creative Commons Licence 2.0.

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