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In The Buff

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In The Buff
Maggie and Duncan Keppie Gaelic College SCD Book 5: A Dozen More
6/8x32 bar strathspey
2-couple dance in 3- or 4-couple set

  1-8   PETRONELLA, SET AND TURN: 1st and 2nd couples petronella into centre, set, and turn 1¼ times with right hands to original places;

  9-12 HIGHLAND SCHOTTICHE: 1st and 2nd couples set with Highland Schottische setting step:

13-16 PASS RIGHT AND ½ WHEEL: 1st and 2nd couples cross over passing right shoulders, and dance ½ right hands across to own side;

17-20 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS: 1st and 2nd couples set with Glasgow Highlanders setting step;

21-24 PASS LEFT AND ½ WHEEL: 1st and 2nd couples cross over passing left shoulders, and dance ½ left hands across to original places;

25-32 BOURREL: 1st and 2nd couple dance the Bourrel:
Bars 25-28: 1st man and 2nd woman set advancing and turn halfway round with both hands to end back-to-back with man facing down and woman facing up AS 1st woman and 2nd man dance across the set and cast, woman down and man up, to end facing partner, all in a line up-and-down the middle of the set
Bars 29-32: set to partner and turn ¾ by the right hand to own side having progressed.

Repeat from 2nd place.

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

Dance Information

In The Buff is a saying meaning "naked, as nature intended".

The saying originated from a buff coloured coat which was worn by English soldiers up until the 17th century.

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