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Jane's Jig (Petyt) (J4x32) 4C set Sue Petyt

1-2 First man with second woman, fourth man with third woman, change places giving right hand
3-4 Second man with first woman, third man with fourth woman, change places giving left hand
5-8 First and fourth couples dance half rights and lefts
9-16 Reel of four on the sides. Second couple facing down and giving right shoulder to fourth couple, who face up, and first couple facing down give right shoulder to third couple who face up
(Make sure the reel is completed in the eight bars, omit the last shoulder if necessary to get back to place)
17-20 First and fourth couples dance right hands across
21-24 First couple with third couple, fourth couple with second couple, dance left hands across
25-28 First couple dance half a figure of eight round third couple, and fourth couple dance half a figure of eight round second couple
29-32 All four couples turn one and a half times to their own sides
Repeat from new positions

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Sue Petyt, 1994)

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Also see the dance Jane's Jig (Hoffman) by M Hoffman.

Jane's Jig dance (by Sue Petyt) was written for Jane Gamon, my first Scottish Country Dance Teacher.

Dance Information by the deviser, Sue Petyt.

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