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Knot On A Ferry

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Knot on a Ferry
Ron Wallace Leaflet
Jig n x 32 bars n Couple Repeat n Couple Set Progressive Large Circular Set
Start with all couples (L on partner's right) in one large circle, facing inwards.

  1-4   All advance and retire;

  5-8   all hands round to the left;

  9-12 all advance and retire;

13-16 all hands round to the right;

17-24 all grand chain around the circle four places, only, finishing facing the approaching dancer who will be the new partner;

25-25 all advance to pass the new partner by the right;

26-26 all start to pass the new partner back-to-back WHILE slapping own thighs and clapping hands (right to left) with the next facing dancer;

27-28 all complete the dos-à-dos movement, retiring one place to finish facing the new partner;

29-32 all turn new partner by the right, finishing facing inwards.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

If necessary, make concentric circles to accommodate all those wishing to dance.

  1-2   With concentric circles, use small steps in the advance.

  9-10 With concentric circles, use small steps in the advance.

17-24 Although the music appears to make it more intuitive, passing one dancer per bar in the grand chain is difficult to achieve; it is much safer, especially with Beginners and at a ceilidh, to take 2 bars per dancer, i.e., pass by the right and by the left only twice (as in bars 25-32 of The Eightsome Reel chorus).

25-28 This is dos-à-dos embellished with (own) thigh slapping and clapping with the facing dancer.

    -32 Ls finish with polite turn.

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Knot On A Ferry - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

The recommended music is the tune of the Geordie folk song, Blaydon Races.

Knot On A Ferry
Knot On A Ferry

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