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Lassie Wi' The Carroty Pow

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Lassie Wi' The Carroty Pow
Maggie and Duncan Keppie Gaelic College SCD Book 12: Corrie Dances
4/5x32 bar Strathspey, Reel or Medley
Couple facing Couple

  1-8   CIRCLE AND BACK: with opposite couple;

  9-16 DO-SI-DO: women dance back-to-back, then men dance back-to-back;

17-24 ADVANCE, OUT, SET, ADVANCE, OUT AND TURN INTO SKYE HOLD: Nearer hands joined with partner advance towards opposite couple (1 bar), drop partner's hand and join the same hand with opposite and facing away from partner dance away (1 bar), set to opposite (2 bars), join nearer hands with opposite (facing partner) and dance in (1 bar), drop opposite's hand and join the same hand with partner facing away from opposite couple and dance to original place (1 bar), then retaining nearer hands turn into Skye hold (men dance anticlockwise halfway into partner's place AS women pull right shoulder back as they dance into partner's place (2 bars), end man's left arm around partner's back at waist level to woman's left hip where it is joined with woman's right hand, her right arm passing in front of her, and facing opposite couple;

25-32 RHINNS:
IN STRATHSPEY TEMPO dance forward-hop-backward-hop diagonally to right (as in the first 2 bars of the Glasgow Highlanders setting step: step forward on right foot and hop bringing left foot into 3rd rear aerial position, step back on left foot and hop bringing right foot into 3rd aerial position)(1 bar), dance one strathspey travelling step diagonally to the right ending women side by side in middle (1 bar), repeat bars 25-26 with the opposite feet ending in opposite couple's place back-to-back with them, unwind (women pull left shoulder back) turning halfway around partner, and set to partner;
IN REEL TEMPO dance forward diagonally to right with modified Pas de Basque (bar 25: on beat 3 of bar 25 the left foot comes to 3rd rear position), then backward Pas de Basque (bar 26), dance two skip change of step to change places passing left shoulders ending back-to-back with them (2 bars), unwind (women pull left shoulder back) turning halfway with partner and set to partner.

Repeat with next couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

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