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LIAM'S JIG (J8x32) 3C (4C set) Neil M Grant 2002

1- 8 1s and 2s nearer hands joined Set. RH Wheel once round, 1s Cast off 1 as 2s Dance to top nearer hands joined.
9- 16 1s and 3s Double figure of 8. 1s Cross down as 3s Dance up side to start. End 1s 2nd place facing up just outside the line, 3s own place facing out.
17-24 2, 1, 3W LH Wheel as 2, 1, 3M RH Wheel. Bar 20 1s Cross down diagonally, followed by others in their wheel, Dance up opposite side, 1s Cast off 1, 3s top place facing out, 2s, 3rd place facing out. (3)(1)(2)4
25-28 3s, 1s, 2s ½ Reel 3 across RSh: 1W up, 1M down. End on sides facing way of travel.
29-32 3s, 1s, 2s ½ Reel of 3 on own side LSh. 213

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