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Light And Shade (Robertson)

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Light and Shade
Pam Robertson St Catherine Book of Scottish Country Dances
Strathspey 5 x 32 bars 5 Couple  Repeat 5 Couple  Set Square Set - 5s inside
5M, with 5L on his right, face 1s to start.

  1-8   Taking promenade hold with partners, 1s5s3s reel of three up and down, 5s giving right shoulder to 1s to start and finishing facing 4s;

  9-16 4s5s2s promenade reel of three across, 5s giving left shoulder to 4s to start and releasing hands to finish on the centre line facing 4s, 5L above 5M;

17-20 1s5L right hands across WHILE 5M3s left hands across;

21-24 5L2s left hands across WHILE 4s5M right hands across, 5s finishing in promenade hold facing 1s as at bar 1;

25-26 giving left shoulder, 5s 1s promenade to exchange places, 1s pulling left shoulder back to finish facing 2s;

27-28 giving left shoulder, 1s 2s promenade to exchange places, 2s pulling left shoulder back to finish facing 3s;

29-30 giving left shoulder, 2s 3s promenade to exchange places, 3s pulling left shoulder back to finish facing 4s;

31-32 giving left shoulder, 3s 4s promenade to exchange places, finishing 5s1s2s3s4s, 4s facing 1s.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

Even though the deviser chose an alternative numbering system, the above MaxiCrib instructions follow the usual convention that the side couples are numbered as in a 4-couple square set and the inside couple are 5s.

    -8   5s retain promenade hold.

20-21 A somewhat counter-intuitive transition for 5M.

24-24 5s release hold early from the hands across and dance down toward the centre, 5M pulling left shoulder back, 5L right, to finish facing up and to the right in promenade hold;

    -32 Except in the final repeat, 4s retain promenade hold ready to be 5s in the next repeat.

Dance Information

Also see the dance Light And Shade (Carter) by David Carter.

The deviser's suggested music is Track 9 of Come More Scottish Dancing by the Deirdre Adamson Quartet.

Light and Shadow
"Light And Shadow" Franklin Carmichael (1890-1945), Art Nouveau, c. 1937

Image copyright (cropped) Franklin Carmichael (public domain), via WikiArt.

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