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The Linn Of Dee (Drewry)

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The Linn Of Dee (Drewry)
Medley (64 Bars Strathspey plus 64 Bars Reel) in a Longwise Set, devised by John Drewry, 1971.

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Also see the dance Linn Of Dee Medley (McGhee) by Beryl McGhee.

Linn is another word for a pool, usually scoured out over thousands of years by the vortex of swirling waters.

The River Dee is a river in Aberdeenshire, Scotland rising in the Cairngorms and flowing through southern Aberdeenshire to reach the North Sea at Aberdeen. The area it passes through is known as Deeside, or Royal Deeside in the region between Braemar and Banchory.

At the Linn of Dee the young river Dee passes through a 300 metre long natural rock gorge, just above Glanmar Lodge.

Linn Of Dee
Linn Of Dee

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