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Miss Johnstone Of Ardrossan

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MISS JOHNSTONE OF ARDROSSAN (R5x32) 5C set Roy Goldring 14 Social Dances

1- 8 1s set and cast 1 place, 1s followed by 3s dance up and cast - 1s to 3rd place and 3s to 2nd place
9-16 1s cross down and dance reflection reels of 3 with 4s+5s on opposite sides - 1s end in 3rd place opposite sides
17-24 1s cross up and dance reflection reels of 3 on own sides with 2s+3s - 1s ending in 3rd place own sides
25-32 1s set and cast down 1 place, 1s followed by 5s dance up between 4s and cast - 1s to 5th place and 5s to 4th place. 23451

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
Roy Goldring 14 Social Dances for 2000
Reel 5 x 32 bars 5 Couple Repeat 5 Couple Set Longwise Set

  1-4   1s set and cast;

  5-8   1s followed by 3s lead up between 2s and cast, finishing 2s3s1s4s5s;

  9-16 1s cross down into mirror reels of 3 with 4s5s;

17-24 1s cross up into mirror reels of 3 with 2s3s, finishing in 3rd place on own sides;

25-28 1s set and cast;

29-32 1s followed by 5s lead up between 4s and cast, finishing 2s3s4s5s1s.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

  9-16 Take this reel very slowly.

17-24 Take this reel slowly.

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Miss Johnstone Of Ardrossan - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This reel was dedicated to the musician Muriel Johnstone, who grew up in Ardrossan on the North Ayrshire coast.

Muriel has had a long association with the RSCDS and is a Scottish country dancer, teacher, arranger and composer of music. She has also been the Musical Director for the RSCDS. Solo and with her band, Muriel has played and recorded many Scottish country dance tunes.

Ardrossan (Gaelic: "Aird Rosain") is a town on the North Ayrshire coast in western Scotland. The name "Ardrossan" describes its physical position - "ard" from the Gaelic "aird" meaning "height", "ros" a "promontory" and the diminutive suffix "an" - "height of the little promontory".

Ardrossan's roots can be traced back to the construction of its castle 'Cannon Hill', thought to be in around 1140, by Simon de Morville.

Muriel Johnstone - Information Video

Ardrossan - Information Video

Miss Johnstones Ardrossan Castle
Ardrossan Castle

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