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Miss Margaret MacIndeor

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MISS MARGARET MACINDEOR 32 Bar Strathspey for 3 couples in a 3 Couple Set George T Watt

1- 8 1s turn by the right cast 1 place (2s step up) turn by the right and cast 1 place (3s step up)
9-16 Reels of 3 on the sides, 2s cross down between the 3s to start the reel, then 3s cross between 1s then 1s cross down to finish 2s + 3s + 1s all on the opposite side.
17-24 Set and Rotate for 3 couples
25-32 1st and 2nd Men's positions change diagonally with 2nd and 3rd Ladies' positions, 1st and 2nd Ladies' positions change places diagonally with 2nd and 3rd Men's positions, finishing 2; 3 and 1 all set and turn once round with both Hands

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, George T Watt 2020)

Dance Notes

Bars 17-24 Set and Rotate for 3 couples

Taking hands on the side all 3 couples set then cast on 1 place clockwise
All 3 couples change places Right Hands with their partners (3s change diagonally from 1st Man's position to 3rd Lady's position)
All 3 couples move on 1 place clockwise
1st Man; 1st Lady and 3rd Lady on Men's side
3rd Man; 2nd Man and 2nd Lady on Ladies' side

Dance Information

Miss MacIndeor was from Port Charlotte on the Island of Islay.

An Aunt of the deviser, she lived beyond her 101st year, she was a religious woman who always said dancing was a wholesome activity as no-one could ever have an evil thought whilst dancing.

Suggested Tune: The Green Hills of Islay.

Port Charlotte is a village on the island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. It was founded in 1828. In 1991 it had a population of 350.

Port Charlotte was named after Lord Frederick Campbell's wife, and it was set up mainly to provide housing facilities for the Lochindaal Distillery work force. Parts of the former distillery buildings are now in use as Youth Hostel and Wildlife Centre. Others are currently used by a garage nearby. The remaining warehouses are currently owned and used by Bruichladdich distillery to mature their Port Charlotte heavily peated spirit, named in tribute to the village and original distillery.

The village is located on the shores of Loch Indaal and is very picturesque with its white painted houses. It is home to the Museum of Islay Life which is located in a former Church building.

(Dance information by the deviser, George T Watt)

Port Charlotte
Port Charlotte, Island Of Islay

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