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Nice To See You

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NICE TO SEE YOU (R32) Round The Room Elsie Craig RSCDS Book 40
Round the room dance, 3 facing 3

1- 8 All circle 6H round and back
9-16 Centre Man dances RH across with partner on right and opposite dancer and LH across with partner on left and opposite dancer
17-24 Centre Man dances out to the right and dances a Fig of 8 round the opposite 2 Ladies ending between them
25-32 All Ladies turn opposite Lady RH 1½ times back to their partners, all join hands set in lines of 3 and set again turning to right to face next group of 3

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Nice To See You
Elsie Craig RSCDS Book 40
Reel 6 x 32 bars 2 Threesome Repeat 2 Threesome Set Progressive Round the Room Set

1M 1LR (on his right) and 1LL (on his left) face 2M 2LR (on his right) and 2LL (on his left), 1s going clockwise, 2s anticlockwise, around the room.

  1-8   All 6 hands round and back;

  9-12 1M1LR2LL 2M2LR1LL (i.e., each M with the two Ls on his right) right hands across, finishing with Mn passing by the right;

13-16 1M1LL2LR 2M2LL1LR (i.e., each M with the two Ls originally on his left) left hands across, all finishing in original places;

17-24 1M figure of eight around 2LR 2LL giving left shoulder to 2LL to start WHILE 2M figure of eight around 1LR 1LL giving left shoulder to 1LL to start (i.e., around the opposite Ls, passing between the two Ls on his right to start), each M finishing in opposite M's place;

25-28 1LR2LL 2LR1LL (i.e., opposites) turn 1½ times, all now on opposite sides;

29-30 2s 1s take hands and set facing;

31-32 all drop hands and set, pulling right shoulders back to finish facing the next threesome.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

If the room is not wide enough, 1s progress down and 2s progress up; on reaching either end, turn about and wait for one repeat when a free threesome will arrive.

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Dance Information

Also see the dance Tis Nice Tae See You by Margaret Gibbs.

Nice Tae See You
Nice Tae See You
"A Passing Glance" Thomas Pollock Anshutz (1851-1912), Oil On Canvas, c. 1900

Additional search terms: Ceilidh Dance.
Image copyright Thomas Pollock Anshutz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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