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Noah's Ark (van Maarseveen)

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NOAH'S ARK (J8x32) 2C (4C set) Irene van Maarseveen RSCDS Book 43

1- 8 1s dance ½ Fig of 8 round 2s (1s cross down to start), 1s+2s turn other partner on sides (1s dancing between 2s)
9-16 2s dance ½ Fig of 8 round 1s (2s dance up behind 1s to start), 1s+2s turn on sides (1s dancing between 2s)
17-24 1s+2s set facing diagonally in, dance RH across ½ way (to 2 1 on own sides), 2M+1L set and ¾ turn LH into diagonal line facing partners
25-32 2s+1s dance diagonal reel of 4 and on last 2 bars 2M and 1L dance onto own side facing partner (1s in 2nd place) while partners loop round

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Also see the dance Noah's Ark (Ligtmans) by Frans Ligtmans.

Noah's Ark is a famous biblical story found in the Book of Genesis. According to the story, God instructed Noah to build a large boat, known as the Ark, to save himself, his family, and a pair of every kind of animal from a catastrophic flood that would cover the earth. Noah followed these instructions and built the Ark, which was large enough to accommodate all the animals and his family.

Once completed, Noah and his family, along with the animals, entered the Ark, and the flood began. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights, flooding the entire earth. The Ark floated on the floodwaters, keeping its occupants safe until the waters receded and the earth was dry again.

After the floodwaters had subsided, Noah and his family, along with the animals, disembarked from the Ark and repopulated the earth. The story of Noah's Ark is often interpreted as a lesson in obedience, faith, and divine intervention, as well as a symbol of God's covenant with humanity.

Noah's Ark
"Noah's Ark On The Mount Ararat" Simon De Myle (fl. 1570), Oil On Panel, c. 1570

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