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Norwegian Wooden Chairs

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Norwegian Wooden Chairs
Jamie Berg Gray  2020
Jig 64 bars 1 Dancer and 2 Ghosts Repeat 1 Dancer and 2 Ghosts Set Longwise Set
With ghosts, GM in 1M's place, GL in 1L's, the solitary dancer, 1D, starts at the midpoint of first position in a longwise set facing GM.

  1-2   1D set facing GM;

  3-4   1D chase clockwise halfway around GM;

  5-8   repeat bars 1-4 from new places, finishing facing GL;

  9-16 giving left shoulder to GL to start, 1D dance figure of 8 across around Gs, finishing between them, facing down;

17-24 1D dance down the middle and retire to finish half a place above 1st position;

25-32 using slip step, 1D travel across and down outside the Ls' side and back, finishing between the Gs facing GL;

33-34 1D set facing GL;

35-36 1D chase anticlockwise halfway around GL;

37-40 repeat bars 33-36 from new places, finishing facing GM;

41-48 giving right shoulder to GM to start, 1D dance figure of 8 across around Gs, finishing between them, facing down;

49-64 repeat bars 17-32.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

Since the solitary dancer never passes through either place, each ghost may conveniently be replaced by a chair or some similar object.

21-24 Dance backwards with steps slightly longer than those for dancing down the middle.

Dance Instruction Videos

While there is no YouTube or Vimeo video for this dance, there is a video of the RSCDS Online Class, 16 September 2020; the teaching of the elements starts at about 36min from the beginning and the complete dance at about 46min. Note that the video is in low resolution and so synchronism of music and movement may be imperfect.

Dance Information

This, at the time unnamed, dance was taught by the deviser in the RSCDS Dance Scottish at Home Online Class of 16 September 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown; DSAH-16-9-2020 was a temporary identification.

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