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Oidhche Chaluinn

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Oidhche Chaluinn
John W Mitchell   Whetherly Book 1
Strathspey   n x 32 bars   2 Threesome Repeat   2 Threesome Set   Progressive Round the Room Set
1M with 1LR on his right and 1LL on his left face 2M with 2LR on his right and 2LL on his left, 1s going clockwise, 2s anticlockwise, around the room.

  1-4   1s2s advance and retire;

  5-8   1M2M turn by the left 1½ times, finishing facing out in the other's place;

  9-10 2M1LL 1M2LL turn ¾ by the right, Ls finishing in places, Mn facing in on the sides;

11-12 1M2M turn by the left 1½ times, finishing facing out on the sides;

13-14 2M1LR 1M2LR turn ¾ by the right, Ls finishing in places, Mn in the other's place facing in;

15-16 1M2M turn by the left, finishing side-by-side on the centreline of the set;

17-24 1Ls2M 1M2Ls right hands across and back, Ls finishing in original places, each M in the other's place, facing out;

25-28 Ls, facing on the sides to start, half rights and lefts WHILE Mn dance clockwise around the opposite LL's place;

29-32 2s 1s half reels of 3 across (2M2LR 1L1MR giving left shoulder to start), finishing back to back having progressed one place, ready to meet the next threesome.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

Although devised as a strathspey, this would work well as a reel or jig in a ceilidh situation where it would be especially appropriate given the meaning of the Gaelic title.

  9-     From the opposite M's place, it may be convenient for each M to treat the facing Ls as corners; then 2LL is 1M's first corner, 2LR his second corner and similarly for 2M.

  9-10 Mn turn first corners.

13-14 Mn turn second corners.

25-28 Mn dance around the first corner's place.

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams

Dance Information

There are alternative spellings but "Oidhche Challuinn" means "New Year's Eve" or "Hogmanay" in Gaelic; it should be pronounced as "Oych~ Chahlin" in English with stress on the first syllable of both words and the following conventions:
  "oy" is as in "boy";
  "ch" is as in "loch";
  "~" represents the very short, indeterminate, vowel sound; and
  "ah" is as in "shah".
See Gaelic Dance Names for more information on Gaelic spelling and pronunciation.

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