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Ooh Chihuahua

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OOH CHIHUAHUA (R4x48) 4C set John Drewry Greenburn Book 3

1- 8 Top 3 on Men's side turn bottom 3 on Ladies' side RH, top 3 on Ladies' side turn bottom 3 on Men's side RH
9-16 All dance RSh reels of 4 on the sides
17-24 1L followed by partner dance down behind 2L, cross down to 4M place, dances up behind 3M, cross up to original place as 1M dances up behind Men to own place while 4M followed by partner dances up behind 3M, crosses up to 1L place, casts down behind 2L, cross down to original place as 4L dances down outside Ladies to place
25-28 Top 3 on Men's side change places RH with bottom 3 on Ladies' side, top 3 on Ladies' side change places RH with bottom 3 on Men's side
29-32 Repeat (All now on opposite side, opposite partners) 4321
33-40 Top 2 couples (4s+3s) also bottom 2 couples (2s+1s) set on side and dance ½ RH across, middle 2 couples (4s+1s) set and link
41-48 All circle 8H round and back. 3142

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Ooh Chihuahua
John Drewry Greenburn Book 3
Reel 4 x 48 bars 4 Couple Repeat 4 Couple Set Longwise Set

  1-4   1M2L 2M3L 3M4L turn by the right;

  5-8   2M1L 3M2L 4M3L turn by the right;

  9-16 all reels of 4 on own sides;

17-22 1L (followed by 1M) cast, dance down between 3s to 4M's place and cast up WHILE 4M (followed by 4L) cast up, dance up between 2s to 1L's place and cast, finishing 1M in 4M's place, 4L in 1L's, 1L between 2M 3M, 4M between 2L 3L;

23-24 1L cross up, 4M cross down, 1M cast up 3 places, 4L cast 3 places, all finishing in original places;

25-26 dancers in 1M 2M 3M's places cross diagonally by the right with dancers in 2L 3L 4L's places;

27-28 dancers in 1L 2L 3L's places cross diagonally by the right with dancers in 2M 3M 4M's places;

29-32 repeat bars 25-28, finishing 4s3s2s1s on opposite sides;

33-34 4s3s 2s1s set on the sides;

35-36 4s3s 2s1s right hands across halfway, finishing 3s4s1s2s on own sides;

37-40 4s1s set and link for 2;

41-48 3s1s4s2s 8 hands round and back.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

  1-8   This is quite sedate and returns everyone to original places.

23-24 1M and 4L have a long way to go in only 2 bars.

25-28 This is quick, the same pattern as bars 1-8 but crossing only, with no time for indecision and meeting different dancers after the first 2 bars.

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Dance Information

Chihuahua is a state in northern Mexico with a mainland area of 247,087 square kilometres (95,400.8 sq mi), slightly larger than the United Kingdom.

It also gives its name to The Chihuahua Dog, the oldest breed on the American continent.

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