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Maggie and Duncan Keppie Gaelic College SCD Book 4: A Reel Dozen
Strathspey 3 x 32 bars 3 Couple Repeat 3 Couple Set Longwise Set

  1-8   INVERAN REELS OF 3: dance Inveran Reels of 3 on own side (start with 1st couple crossing through 2nd place on opposite side; and back through 2nd place on own side on bars 5-6), AS 2nd and 3rd couple dance mirror reels of 3 on the side joining nearer hands with partner when possible (on bars 7-8 2nd couple nearer hands joined dance up the middle and face each other);

  9-16 1ST AND 3RD COUPLES SET AND PETRONELLA IN TANDEM as 2ND COUPLE CROSSES AND CASTS TWICE: 1st and 3rd couples nearer hands joined with partner set to other couple, and petronella one place to the right, and repeat to opposite side, AS 2nd couple crosses by the right hand, cast to the right (woman up, man down), cross by the right hand up and down, and cast to the right to opposite side in 2nd place (all are now on opposite sides);

17-24 SET AND CIRCLE: In a circle, all set and circle for 2 steps, set and circle for 2 steps;

25-32 1ST COUPLE SET ADVANCING BACK-TO-BACK, ¾ FIGURE OF 8, AND CAST: 1st couple sets advancing back-to-back, cast down round 2nd couple, dances up between 2nd couple, crosses and casts to 3rd place (2nd couple and 3rd couple step up on 31-32);

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

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