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The Red Rose Of Lancaster 1

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THE RED ROSE OF LANCASTER 1 (R128) 5C set in circle Arthur C Boswell Arnside Collection

1-16 1s set to each other and 1M dances across between 3s/4s and casts into 2M place, 1M joins hands with 2L and they set as 2M dances between 4s/5s and casts into 3M place and sets with 3L as 3M repeats the figure... and so on until 5M sets with 1L
17-32 Repeat with top couple setting and 1L crossing between 3s and 4s positions and casting into 5Ls place who Crosses&Casts into 4L etc...
33-40 All circle 10H round and back
41-48 Men cast 1 place anticlockwise while Ladies dance into centre to form circle, all set Ladies turning out to face new partner, all change place RH and set
49-56 Ladies cast 1 place clockwise to face original partner, all set and Men dance out and round partner back to original positions
57-72 All set, dance 4H of Grand Chain, set, dance 6H of Grand Chain (1 bar to each hand) and set
73-80 Ladies cast 1 place clockwise while Men dance into centre to form circle, all set and Men turn to face out, change places RH and set
81-88 Men cast 1 place anticlockwise to face new partner, set, Ladies dance to right and around new partner to end beside them
89-96 All circle 10H round and back
97-112 Repeat bars 17-32 beginning with 2M+5L (in 1st place) setting, then 5L Crosses&Casts into her own place as 4L leaves for 4th place etc...
113-128 Repeat bars 1-16 beginning with 2M+1L setting, then 2M dances Crosses&Casts into 2M place 3M leaves for 3M place etc... back to original place

(MINICRIB, Dance Crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Also see the dance The Red Rose Of Lancaster 2 by Arthur C Boswell.

The Red Rose of Lancaster is the county flower of Lancashire and it is believed that the Red Rose of Lancaster was the House of Lancaster's badge during the Wars of the Roses.

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The Red Rose Of Lancaster

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