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Reel Dozen

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Reel Dozen
Maggie and Duncan Keppie   Haliburton School Of Arts SCD Book 6:
4x40 bar Reel
Lines of 3 radiating out from centre of set

  1-8   REELS OF 3: in line of 3, centre facing out, dance a right shoulder reel of 3 (at the end of bar 6, centres pass on into next line of 3 on the left to dance bars 7-8);

  9-16 REPEAT REEL OF 3: centres dance another reel of 3 with new partners, progressing on to next line at the end;

17-24 BALANCE AND PROGRESS TWICE; centres facing anticlockwise, new partners facing clockwise, all with nearer hands joined, balance in line, then dance forwards 1/8th, balance in next line, and dance forwards another 1/8th to rejoin original partners;

25-28 TEAPOTS: dance right hands across with original partners;

29-40 INTERSECTING REELS OF 4 OR CHASE: centres dance out and around the set clockwise back to ORIGINAL places AS ends dance intersecting reels of 4 using left-hands across halfway through the centre: 2 skip change of step for each part: pass right shoulder, lefts hands across halfway, pass right shoulder (end with centres in original places and ends are one place clockwise around the set).


(Dance Crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

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