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A Reel For Bill And Mary Cant

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A REEL FOR BILL AND MARY CANT 32 Bar Reel for 3 couples in a 4 couple set George T Watt

1- 8 1s Set cast off 1 place (2s step up on 3 and 4) 1s turn 1¼ Right Hand
9- 12 Lady down Man up for Left Hands across Lady with the 3s Man with the 2s
13-16 1s turn Right Hand 1¼ to finish on the opposite side. 2(1)3
17-24 1st Lady up 1st Man down for reels of 3 across the dance, Lady with 2s Man with the 3s. 1s come in towards each other and pull their right shoulders back to face their 1st Corners
25-32 Corners Pass and Turn. 1s pass 1st Corners Right Shoulder, 1st Corners turn Right Hand all the way round back to place. 1s passing Right Shoulder, pass 2nd Corners Right Shoulder 2nd Corners turn Right Hand all the way round back to place, 1s passing Right Shoulder cross to own sides ready to start again

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, George T Watt 2020)

Dance Notes

There are several opportunities where dancers may hae a wee birl!

(Dance notes by the deviser, George T Watt)

Dance Information

Bill Cant is a member of the RSCDS Dundee Branch and is Treasurer of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

More importantly, he and his wife Mary are both very enthusiastic Scottish country dancers and seldom miss a dance anywhere within a 100 miles.

Dance information by the deviser, George T Watt.

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