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A Reel For Cosmo John

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A Reel For Cosmo John (R3x32) 3C Triangular Set Pat Harland (2016)

1- 8 1C figure of 8, 1C pass each other LSH (1W passes in front of her partner to start the figure), 1M dances round 3M RSh, while 1W dances round 2W RSh, finish the figure by passing LSh and facing 'corner'
9-16 All 3 couples set and turn 'corner' by the right (1M with 2W, 2M with 3W, 3M with 1W)
Set and turn partner by the left, finish by turning men into the centre ready for...
17-24 RHA, men holding partners nearer hand, and all dance ⅔ around the set clockwise.
Drop RH, set and link with partner finishing in new positions.
(When doing the 'link' each person needs to turn slightly more than usual to get back in position to do the circle.)
25-32 6 hands round and back.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Pat Harland, 2016)

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A Reel For Cosmo John - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This dance, A Reel For Cosmo John, was to use during a fundraiser that I had to raise money for the National Autistic Society.

Since then I have visited local clubs during Autism Awareness week and been able to teach the dance to club members and to talk a little about Autism. So far, members of Newark Scottish Country Dancing Society, Lincoln, Sleaford, Nottingham, and Waltham have learned the dance. Leicester branch performed the dance at their charity ball in 2018. This year (2019) I am visiting Chesterfield.

My grandson is fascinated by all things that turn, spin or whirl. This dance contains movements to suggest coin spinning, washing machines, lorry wheels, turbine blades...

Music: I use a track called 'King's Croft' by David Hall and his Scottish Country dance Band - Reel Friends Book 2.

Dance information copyright by Pat Harland, all rights reserved, 2016.

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