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The Reel Of The Pinehurst Eight

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The Reel Of The Pinehurst Eight (R8x32) 4C set Barbara Taylor Coast To Coast

1-4 1st and 4th couples cross giving right hands, 1st couple cast down one place as second couple step up while 4th couple casts up one place as 3rd couple step down.
5-8 1st couple dance a half figure eight around 2nd couple while 4th couple dance a half figure eight around 3rd couple, to finish in the centre of the set facing the corner they danced around.
9-12 1st and 4th couples set to corners and turn corners giving right hands once around.
13-14 1st and 4th couples, right hands joined with corners and left hands joined in a wheel, all balance-in-Line.
15-16 1st and 4th couples dance left hands across half way to face new corners.
17-22 Repeat bars 9-14 with new corners.
23-24 1st and 4th couples, retaining left hand with partner, set, with 1st man and 4th woman turning toward partner, 1st couple to face down, 4th couple to face up.
25-28 1st and 4th couples with left hands joined lead out the end of the set, cross partner to own side and cast to 3rd and 2nd place, respectively.
29-32 All four couples turn right hand. Finish in the order 2,4,1,3.

Repeat with a new top couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Barbara Taylor)

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Devised by Barbara Taylor, Toronto, at the request of one of the eight male dancers who travel annually to Pinehurst to play golf.

Square Green At Pinehurst
Square Green At Pinehurst During The United North And South Amateur Golf Championship, 1904

Image copyright 'Golf, Official USGA Bulletin, May 1904, page 312'.

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