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Reinventing The Wheel

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REINVENTING THE WHEEL (J3x32) 3C Triangular set Janet A McKernan

1- 8 Ladies advance to centre and retire; Men repeat
9-16 All dance DoSiDo with partner; All turn partner 2H skip change (or birl) ending with Ladies in centre with partner on their Left, couples facing clockwise
17-24 All dance RH across, Ladies on inside, Men on outside; all turn Men into centre to dance LH across back to places
25-28 All set to partner, turn partner ¾ LH into promenade hold, Men in centre, couples facing anticlockwise
29-32 All Promenade anticlockwise ⅔ way round to new positions. 312

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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The phrase "reinventing the wheel" is an idiomatic expression used to convey the concept of unnecessarily duplicating a basic, well-established method or process.

It suggests engaging in redundant efforts or activities, particularly when an effective solution already exists. The metaphorical use of "reinventing the wheel" implies a lack of efficiency or practicality in attempting to recreate something that is already well-known and functional.

The origin of the expression can be traced to the idea that inventing or creating a wheel is a fundamental and straightforward task, requiring no further improvement. Therefore, any attempt to reinvent it is seen as an unnecessary and futile endeavour.

In various contexts, the phrase is employed to discourage unnecessary complexity or innovation when existing solutions are sufficient.

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