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Rolling Dancers 32 Bar Jig For 3 Couples In A 4 Couple Set Zoltán Gräff 2009
Devised for wheelchair dancers.

1- 4 1C cast down (2C step up on bars 3-4)
5- 8 1L+2C and 1M+3C Right hands across
9-12 1L+3C and 1M+2C Left hands across. 1C finish 2nd place on opposite side.
13-16 All set twice
17-24 1C+2C Ladies' chain
25-32 1C petronella to own sides

Repeat twice from the new positions

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Zoltán Gräff, 2009)

Dance Instruction Videos

Rolling Dancers - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This dance, Rolling Dancers, was devised for wheelchair dancers by Zoltán Gräff in 2009 to enrich their repertoire.

They learnt to Scottish dance in one day, on 24 June 2009. They started at 11am with learning the figures, the dance was devised after noon, and they managed to learn it by 7 pm. They performed the dance just two days after it was devised.

As the dancers with wheelchairs move relatively slowly, they use twice as many bars for each figure than would be normal.

Tune: Any suitable Jig.

Published in
Dance information from A Reel Goulash 1, Budapest Book of Scottish Country Dances (2011), reproduced here with the kind permission of Zoltán Gräff.

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