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SCOTTISH ROULETTE (R32) Large Circle Set Zsófia József
Any number of couples form 2 big circles, men in the outside circle facing in, ladies in the inside circle facing out.

1- 8 All circle round to left, finishing facing new partner
9-16 Turn partner RH, turn partner LH
17-24 Turn partner 2H, dance DoSiDo with partner
25-32 Men make arches and all cross passing partner RSh. Inside circle turn out to face partners. Repeat (men making arches)

(Misc. Crib)

Dance Notes

If there is an uneven number of dancers, the extra dancer dances as a Man.
9-24 The 'spare' dancer dances to the centre of the dance where he sets rotating (or has fun otherwise) and returns to the outside circle ready for bar 25.

Dance Instruction Videos

Scottish Roulette - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This dance, Scottish Roulette, was devised by Zófi for her wedding reception.

Scottish Roulette Image
Roulette Wheel

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