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SECOND CITY STRATHSPEY (S8x32) 3C (4C set) Gillian Jennings Birmingham Diamond Jubilee Book

1- 4 1s+2s+3s set and ½ turn partners 2H to face up
5- 8 1s followed by 2s+3s dance up, cast to 3rd place and 1s dance up to face 1st corners while 2s cross up and cast to 3rd place and 3s cross up and cast to 1st place
9-16 1s set to and turn 1st corners (positions) 2H to face 2nd corners, set and turn 2nd corners 2H to end between corners
17-24 1s dance ½ reels of 3 on opposite sides (LSh to 1st corners position) and dance ½ reels of 3 across (LSh to 3rd corners) to end 2nd place own sides
25-32 1s+2s dance ½ double Fig of 8 (1s cross up, 2s cast to start), 1s+3s dance ½ double Fig of 8 (1s cross down, 3s cast up to start)

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Dance Information

Birmingham is regarded by many as the UK's "second city" (with London being the first).

This is not an official designation and over the years other cities have been considered good contenders for this title (for example Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Manchester).

As this dance is part of the Birmingham RSCDS branch's Jubilee collection, the second city in this instance is definitely Birmingham.

Second City
Birmingham Art Gallery And Museum In Chamberlain Square, Central Birmingham
The Clock Tower Is Known As "Big Brum", Birmingham's Answer To "Big Ben"

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