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The Shieling

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THE SHIELING (S3x32) 3C set Jean Attwood Harwell Caledonian Society 1948-1998

1- 8 1s set, cast (2s step up); 1s dance ½ Fig of 8 (1L round 2s, 1M round 3s) while 2s+3s set and cross RH with partner. 2M and 3L face out
9-12 2M+3L chase clockwise ½ round while 2L+1M and 1L+3M set and cross RH (diagonally to Right)
13-16 1M+1L chase anticlockwise ½ round while 3L+3M and 2L+2M set and cross RH (diagonally to Left)
17-20 3M+2L chase clockwise ½ round while 1L+2M and 3L+1M set and cross RH (diagonally to Right). 213
21-24 All turn partners RH into Allemande hold ready for...
25-32 All dance 3 couple Allemande. 312

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

The Shieling
Jean Attwood Leaflet
Strathspey 3 x 32 bars 3 Couple Repeat 3 Couple Set Longwise Set

  1-4   1s set and cast;

  5-8   1L cross up, 1M down into half figures of eight across WHILE 2s 3s set and cross, 2M 3L finishing facing out;

  9-12 2M 3L chase clockwise halfway WHILE 2L1M 1L3M set and cross (on first corners' diagonal), 1s finishing facing out;

13-16 1s chase anticlockwise halfway WHILE 3s 2s set and cross (on second corners' diagonal), 2M 3L finishing facing out;

17-20 repeat bars 9-12 from new positions (2L 3M chasing), all finishing facing in;

21-24 all turn by the right, finishing facing up on the centre line;

25-32 2s1s3s allemande, finishing 3s1s2s.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

13-16 Mirror image repeat from new positions of bars 9-12.

21-24 Turn slowly, finishing ready to change to allemande hold in unison.

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams

Dance Information

The name Shieling originates from the Gaelic for "Shed Shieling" or "Sheeling", a small cottage or hut, place of shelter, away from other habitation, used during the summer months.

Although Shielings are traditionally only used in summer months, or temporarily used by shepherds or fishermen, they are usually stone-built.

The Shieling to which this dance refers was owned by Daisy and Eddie Cassie (Eddie was the Harwell Caledonian Society President), for whom this dance was written in 1984.

The Shieling
Shieling At Lochan Vataleois

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