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SOAP 32 bar Strathspey for 3 couples. Zsolt Molnár 2010.

1-8 All three couples dance four setting steps (any Highland or Strathspey setting steps)
9-16 Six hands round and back for all the three couples
17-24 All dance a three couples Allemande
25-32 3C and 2C dance a diamond Poussette.

Repeat the dance two more times from the new positions

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Zsolt Molnár, 2010)

Crib Diagram

SOAP Diagram
SOAP - From A Reel Goulash 1

Dance Information

This Strathspey, SOAP, was devised by Zsolt Molnár in 2010 as a result of playing with the letters of the pilling type description of Scottish dances.

The outcome is a dance, which is really easy to remember: if you know the title of the dance, you know the order of the figures in the dance.

Tune: Any 3x32 bar Strathspey.

Published in
Dance information from A Reel Goulash 1, Budapest Book of Scottish Country Dances (2011), reproduced here with kind permission.
Image copyright, reproduced here with kind permission.

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