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SOPHIE'S SAND CASTLE (R4x32) 2C (4C set) Romaine Butterfield 2019.

1- 8 1s lead down the middle and up again to finish between 2s with hands joined in promenade hold. Second couple step up on bars 3-4.
9-16 1s dance a reel of three with 2s passing 2nd woman by right shoulders to begin. 1s finish in the middle in 2nd place facing up with hands still joined in promenade hold.
17-20 1s dance up between 2s with hands joined in promenade hold and cast down round 2nd couple on own sides.
21-24 1s turn with right hands.
25-32 2s+1s dance R&L.

Repeat, having passed a couple.


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Sophie's Sand Castle - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

Sophie's Sand Castle was inspired by the book "Sophie's Castle" by Heather Levine.

It was on the programme for the Waikanae Scottish Country Dancing Club's annual dance in the Paraparaumu Memorial Hall on June 8, 2019. Romaine Butterfield is the club's current tutor (2019).

Suitable recorded music: "Miss Nellie Wemyss" recorded by Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band on "RSCDS Book 27", track 11.

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