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St Bernard's Waltz (Leggett)

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St Bernard's Waltz (Leggett) (W32) (1937 Melbourne Version)
Couples in ballroom hold, Man facing out, Lady facing in.

Published in the notes below this St Bernard's Waltz (Leggett) video on Youtube.

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St Bernard's Waltz (Leggett) - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

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Also see the dance St Bernard's Waltz (Smith) by Billy Smith.

This 32 bar Waltz, St Bernard's Waltz (Leggett), has become known as "The 1937 Melbourne Version" as it was devised by Melbourne Dance Instructors Harry and Emile Leggett in 1937.

Saint Bernard refers primarily to Bernard of Clairvaux (1090–1153), a Christian saint, mystic, and reformer of the Cistercian order.

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, born in 1090, stands as a central figure in medieval Christianity, known for his profound mysticism and pivotal role in the Cistercian monastic movement. As an eloquent writer and contemplative thinker, Bernard's teachings explored the intimate relationship between the soul and God, with his work "On Loving God" remaining a timeless classic in Christian mysticism.

Serving as the abbot of Clairvaux Abbey, Bernard played a crucial role in shaping the Cistercian Order. Under his guidance, the order embraced a return to a more austere and contemplative form of monastic life. This influence spread across Europe, marking Bernard as a key figure in the 12th-century monastic revival.

Beyond the monastery, Bernard actively engaged in theological debates, defending orthodox Christian doctrine against contemporary heresies. His impact extended to the highest levels of the Catholic Church, and he played a significant role in the recognition of the Knights Templar.

Canonized in 1174, Saint Bernard's legacy endures as a symbol of medieval Christian spirituality. His feast day on August 20th is a time for believers to reflect on his teachings, which continue to inspire those on a spiritual journey. Saint Bernard's life serves as a testament to the transformative power of contemplation, mysticism, and an unwavering devotion to God.

St Bernard's Waltz
Old Time Dance At Trocadero, 1937

Published in the notes below this St Bernard's Waltz (Leggett) video on Youtube.
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