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A Strathspey For Kieran

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A STRATHSPEY FOR KIERAN (32 bar strathspey for 4 couples) Joop Feijtel, The Delft Book Of Scottish Country Dances

1-4 All four couples set (with nearer hands joined on the sides) [2], turn partners twice round giving both hands [4] and set again [2].
9-16 1st and 2nd couples and 3rd and 4th couples dance rights and lefts.
17-24 1st and 4th couples set, 1st couple cast off one place (2nd couple move up) while 4th couple cast up one place (3rd couple move down); then 1st and 4th couples dance right hands across half way round, retain hold of hands and cross over giving right hands.
25-32 2nd, 4th, 1st and 3rd couples dance eight hands round to the left and back.
Repeat, with a new top couple.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Joop Feijtel, Gouda, September 1990)

Dance Notes

[Number of bars]

Dance Information

Dance devised for Susie and Jos Dekkers on the occasion of the birth of their 3rd son Kieran.

Recommended music: Lady Charlotte Campbell; Mrs. Garden of Troup; Mrs. Baird of Newbyth; James MacInnes Esq.,' as played for the dance "The Silver Tassie" by Alastair Hunter and the Lorne Scottish Dance Band.

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