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Summer Waltz Mixer 16 bar Ceilidh-style waltz mixer Rod Downey The Piwakawaka Collection
Dance begins with men facing partner with both hands joined at about shoulder height, men facing out, ladies thus facing in. All are in a large circle. Line of dance is anticlockwise along the circle. Steps below will be described for the men, who begin on the left foot, and the ladies mirror.

1 Step LF to the side along LOD and swing RF across and in front of LF.
2 Step RF to the side against LOD and swing LF across and in front of RF.
3 Step (chasse) L, R, L along LOD finishing RS next to partner's LS facing along LOD, releasing LH with partner's RH, and turning right shoulder inwards, and readying to go back to back.
4 Step (chasse) R, L, R along LOD keeping partner's LH in RH, so dancers are back to back with partner. Keep weight on RF. Keep LH in parters R H.
5 Back to back with partner lunge to the right along LOD, lean weight bending right leg, drawing LH arm across in front to point along LOD. Finish with weight still on RF.
6 Lean weight on LF bending left leg and drawing left hand against LOD, pointing left arm against LOD, still back to back, finishing with weight on LF, and beginning the next movement.
7 Step (chasse) R, L, R back to back with partner, on the last step, turning outwards left shoulder forward along line of dance.
8 Turning th face each other and taking two hands, chasse L, R, L along line of dance bringing RF to close with LF at the end. Weight should be on LF.
9 Step against LOD with RF, and bring LF to RF.
10 Step with LF along LOD bringing RF to LF, and finishing with weight on RF.
11-12 Man chasses along LOD and turns partner under his raised LH. Lady should turn towards man. Finish with both hands with partner at shoulder height.
13 Step with LF along LOD, bringing RF to LF. Weight on RF.
14 Step RF against LOD bringing LF to RF.
15-16 Ladies turn traveling against LOD begins turn under partner's RH, but moves on the last bar to the man in the pair behind. Man dances one bar with partner and then waits for the next lady.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser Rod Downey, Johnsonville SCD Club Tutor)

Dance Information

This Ceilidh-style waltz mixer was first devised with Kristin 15/1/2022 as a mixer for our Summer Ceilidh, which this year has a "Summer Theme". Revised 8/7/2022, and 9/7/2022.

I could not find a suitable named waltz. Some of our dancers don't like doing standard waltz turns so I deliberately left them out.

This could also be danced non-progressively, with 4 rotary waltz turns on bars 13-16, for those who like waltz turns.

Recommended music is any suitable 16 bar waltz sequence played at around 48 bars per minute. I used music for the "Circle Waltz" from the RSCDS recording by Colin Dewar for the Collins Pocket Reference. (Although the Circle Waltz is listed as a 32 bar sequence this recorded music works also for 16 bar ones.)

(Dance information from The Piwakawaka Collection Of Scottish Country Dances, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Rod Downey)

Published in The Piwakawaka Collection, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Rod Downey.

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