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To Absent Friends

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TO ABSENT FRIENDS (M-(S2x32+J2x32)) Sq.Set Ewan Galloway In Honour Of Volume 1

1- 8 All Adv+Ret; All dance DoSiDo with partner, end facing partner
9-16 All dance Grand Chain (1 bar per hand)
17-24 Double Ladies' Chain (Ladies ½ RH across in middle)
25-28 All set and Petronella turn 1 place round anticlockwise
29-32 All set and turn partner 2H once round. 2341

Repeat once in Strathspey and twice in Jig time

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Dance Information

"To Absent Friends" is a traditional toast offered during social gatherings, especially those involving friends or colleagues. The purpose of this toast is to honour and remember friends or loved ones who are not present at the event. The toast is a way to acknowledge the absence of individuals who, for various reasons, cannot be there to share in the moment.

The exact wording of the toast may vary, but it typically goes something like this:

"To absent friends!"

The participants in the gathering then raise their glasses and take a sip in a gesture of respect and remembrance. The sentiment behind the toast is often one of nostalgia, acknowledging the bond and shared experiences with those who are not able to be present.

The tradition of toasting to absent friends is a way to include them in the thoughts and celebrations, recognizing their significance even if they are physically absent. This type of toast is common in various social settings, including weddings, reunions, and other events where people gather to celebrate and reminisce.

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