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Turbulence A 40 bar Strathspey for 5 couples in a 5 couple longwise set
1 - 8 First couple with second couple, third couple with fourth couple, set and link, then dance four hands round to the left to finish in the side lines.
9 - 16 All couples dance a five-couple "Eddy". They all join hands and advance for two steps, retire for one step and all set to the left for one step. All then pass the person opposite them (their partner) by the right and curve to the right, second, fourth and fifth couples to return to first, third and fifth places while the first and third couples continue to pull their right shoulders back to finish in the middle. First lady is between the second couple facing second man, first man facing the fourth lady, back to back with third lady who is facing fourth man, third man between the fifth couple facing fifth lady.
17 - 24 First lady dances a right shoulder reel of three with second couple, first man and third lady dance a reel of four with fourth couple and third man dances a right shoulder reel of three with fifth couple. First and third couples finish passing left shoulder to face first corners (first man facing fourth lady, first lady facing second man, third man facing fifth lady and third lady facing fourth man)
25 - 28 First and third couples dance "corner pass and turn" with first corners, first and third couples passing right shoulders to face second corners.
29 - 32 First and third couples dance "corner pass and turn" with second corners, first and third couples pass right shoulders to finish in the side lines, first couple in second place, third couple in fourth place.
33 - 40 First couple with fourth couple, third couple with fifth couple dance the "Tourbillon".
Repeat from new places.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Brian Charlton)

Dance Notes

The movement "Corner pass and turn" is by John Drewry, and described in the Notes in The Bankhead Book Part 3.
The dancing couple pass the corners they are facing who dance towards the centre.
The corners turn right hand on bar 2 and dance back to place on bars 3 and 4 as the dancing couple pass the corners, again by the right shoulder, to the centre of the dance.

The Tourbillon progression is by Barry Priddey and appears in The Sands Of Morar, RSCDS Book 45. "The Eddy" is a movement devised by Mary-Jane Lawrie for her dance "The Selwyn Strathspey". As originally devised it was for three couples and has been adapted for five couples in this dance.

(Dance Notes by the deviser, Brian Charlton)

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Dance Information

Music: A suitable recording is a Strathspey Set on Old Favourites and Odd Couples by Catherine Fraser and Duncan Smith.

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Dance Information by the deviser, Brian Charlton.
Image Copyright Kenneth Allen under this Creative Commons Licence.

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