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WILL STARR (J8x32) 2C (4C set) Rod Downey Tuatara Collection 2013.

1s lead down and back (6 bars), and crossing to opposite sides cast to 2nd place (2s step in and up bars 7-8) 2(1)
1s2s dance R&L
1s2s dance ladies' chain
1s2s advance and retire; 1s turn 1½ RH. 2 1

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Will Starr was born in the mining village of Croy, in North Lanarkshire, Scotland (it was formerly in East Dunbartonshire) (27 April 1922 - 6 March 1976).

Will was a Scottish solo accordionist who at the age of two, attempted to play his first tune, "Poor Old Joe", on a melodeon belonging to his father. His family recognised the musical potential in young William and encouraged him to continue playing the melodeon. Later he progressed from the melodeon to the chromatic button accordion which he played for the remainder of his life.

On leaving school at fourteen, Will began working in the mines. When at the age of eighteen in World War II he became eligible for service in the armed forces, he was exempted as an already working miner.

Will recorded his first 78 record for Parlophone at the age of 18. The music was of his own composition and was named "Jacqueline" (which is almost always referred to erroneously as "The Jacqueline Waltz") after his then girlfriend.

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Croy, Will Starr's Birthplace Image
Croy, Will Starr's Birthplace
Course Of The Antonine Wall At Croy Hill

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