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Young At Heart (Rankin)

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Young At Heart (Rankin) Young at Heart (J8x32) 3C (4C set) Lyn Rankin

1-8 1C set and cross down RH (2C step up) to 2nd place opposite sides to face 1st corners; 1C and 1st corners set and turn RH
9-16 1C turn LH to end 2nd place on opposite sides facing 2nd corners; 1C and 2nd corners set and ¾ turn LH to end all in facing lines of 3 across (2M1M2L face down; 3M1L3L face up)
16-24 All advance and retire; 1M3M 1L2L half diagonal R&L
25-32 Set in lines across and cross RH up/down with partner, chase clockwise (2 bars) to end on sidelines, 1C cross RH. 213

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Young At Heart (Rankin) - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

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Devised By Lyn Rankin, published in Belfast branch 70th Anniversary Book, dance No. 1.

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Young At Heart

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