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Alphabetical List Of Scottish Country Dance Devisers A-G

This list of dance devisers will enable you to see at a glance what other dances are available on this site by a particular deviser.
It is not intended to represent the complete works by that deviser and generally only includes dances for which a MiniCrib or MaxiCrib has been made available or the crib has been sent in directly by the deviser. For some devisers, the occasional dance may have a crib diagram by Keith Rose or a video but no written instructions; if so, we show a supplementary list of these after the main list.
If you are one of the devisers listed below do please See This Devisers Page.

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Stewart Adam
Ron Arrowsmith
Jean Attwood
Alison Austin
Peter Avery
Sue Ayland
Minnie Bänninger
Ian Barbour
Andrea Barfoot
Deirdre MacCuish Bark
Elizabeth Lee Barnes
John Bayly
Dorothy Bell
Richard Bennett
G Dale Birdsall
Marilyn Blaschke
Ted Blaschke
Muriel Boal
Marie Boehmer
Dulcie Bond
Aad L M Boode
Arthur C Boswell
Alexander Bowman
Holly Boyd
Iain Boyd
Jenny Bradley
Mary S Brandon
Robert Bremner
John Brenchley
Melbourne Briscoe
Ian Brockbank
Vincent Broquié
Leslie Broughton
Alasdair Brown
Duncan Brown
Evelyn Brown
Malcolm Brown
Elaine Brunken
Angela Bulteel
Anthony Bulteel
Brenda Burnell
Priscilla Burrage
Romaine Butterfield
Button And Whitaker
Ann Campbell
Robert M Campbell
William Campbell
David Carter
Patrick Carter
Brian Charlton
Pat Clark
Peter J Clark
Wesley Clindinning
Roy Clowes
Gaye Collin
Janet Cook
James B Cosh
Frank Coutts
Isobel Cramb
Alan Davis
Lily Davison
Douglas J Dean
Anne Dejean
Shelagh Dempsey
Linda Mae Dennis
Lewis N Derrick
John B Dickson
Ann Dix
Rod Downey
John Drewry A - B
John Drewry C - D
John Drewry E - I
John Drewry J - M
John Drewry N - R
John Drewry S - T
John Drewry U - Z
Heinz Duewell
John M Duthie
W Ernst Eder
George S Emmerson
Eric Finley
John Fletcher
Bill Forbes
Eric Forbes
Hugh Foss
Richard Francis
Reuben Freemantle
Ewan Galloway
Stephen Gibson
Terry Glasspool
Roy Goldring A - E
Roy Goldring F - O
Roy Goldring P - Z
Sheila Gradon
Zoltán Gräff
Betty Grant
Bob Grant
Alex Gray
Robert A Gregg

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We are well aware of the debate concerning 'devisor' or 'deviser' and have decided to use the correct spelling 'deviser'.
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