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Dance Instructions: Can - Car

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Canada 150 Eh!
Canadian Barn Dance
Canadian Memories
Canberra Bluebell
Canberra Bluebell Logo
Candle For Mary
Can-Do Ceilidh
Candy Floss
Cane Toad Jig
Cannadine Strathspey
Cannock Chase
Cannon Hill Assembly
Canny Tales Fae Aberdeen
Canonbie Ceilidh
Canterbury Cross
Cantily Lilt It
Cape Breton Hornpipe
Cape Breton Island
Cape Spear
Cape Town Wedding
Caper For Priscilla
Capercaillie (Burridge)
Capercaillie (Priddey)
Capering Scarecrows
Capharnaüm À Grenoble
Capital Jig
Capital Lassie
Capon Tree
Captain Bain's Tribute
Captain Bruce's Jig
Captain Cook's Hornpipe
Captain Donald Johnstone
Captain Henderson's Hornpipe
Captain John Hunter
Captain MacBean's Reel
Captain MacDonald's Fancy
Captain MacDuff's Delight
Captain Mackintosh
Captain McBride's Hornpipe
Captain Ross
Captain White
Captain Whiteside
Captain's House
Captain's Round
Card It Weil
Cardigan Back 80
Cardigan Sunsets
Carding Of The Wool
Cardross House
Cardross Jig
Cardwell Bay
Carefree Highway
Careful, Not Crazy
Cargill's Leap
Cariboo Capers
Caribou Gathering
Carie Corrie
Carisbrooke Castle
Carl Cam' Ower The Croft
Carleton County
Carleton Jig
Carleton Strathspey
Carlin's Cairn
Carlisle Castle
Carlton And Alex
Carmichael Square
Carnoustie Caper
Carol Palmer's Strathspey
Carol-Ann's Jig
Carole Menzies' Reel
Carol's Strathspey
Carolside Jig
Carradale Bay
Carrick Castles
Carrick Farmer
Carrie's Flight
Carthusian Capers
Caryl's Jig

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