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Crabbit Shona
Cradle Song (Drewry)
Cradle Song (Hay)
Craigellachie Bridge
Craigellachie Lasses
Craigellachie Reel
Craigievar Magic
Craigievar Reel
Craigmin Brig
Crail Harbour
Cramond Bridge
Cramond Wedding
Cranberry Tart
Crannog Gathering
Crathes Castle
Crathie Bellman
Craven Jig
Craven Reel
Craven Strathspey
Craven Twelvesome
Crawfords Of Kerrera
Creaky Floorboards
Cream Tea
Crême de la Crême
Crescent Moon
Crickets By Moonlight
Crieff Fair
Crieff Jig
Crockett's Victory Garden
Croft Castle
Crom Allt
Cromarties New Rant
Cromartie's Rant
Cromarty's Sundance
Crombie Hall
Cromdel Hill
Crooked Burn
Crooked Spire
Crooket Horned Ewie
Cross And Cast Off
Cross-City Line
Crossing Corrievreckan
Crossing Paths
Crossing The Bay
Crossing The Brook
Crossing The Line
Crossing The Tay
Crossways Capers
Crowcombe And Stogumber
Crown Court
Crown House
Crown Of The Sea
Cruising Emerson Street
Cruives Of Cree
Crummy Reel
Crystal Congratulations
Crystal Jig
Crystal Quaich

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