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Phantom Piper
Phina's Fling
Phoenix Strathspey
Phyllis Dixon Ivory
Picardy Jig
Piccadilly Circus
Pickaquoy Reel
Pictish Scroll
Picton Tartan Tea Dance
Piece O' Cake
Piece Of Cake
Pieces Of Eight (Downey)
Pig Farmer's Wife
Pigeon On The Gate
Piggy Bank
Pika's Revenge
Pillar Box Reel
Pin The Kilt
Pinball Wizard
Pinehills Strathspey
Pines Of Pitlochry
Pines On Parade
Pinewood Place Rant
Pinewoods Medley
Pinewoods Reel
Pinewoods Transitions
Pinewoods Two-Step
Pink Panda
Pink Roses
Pink Triangle
Pint O' Ale Is Fain
Pipe Opener
Piper And His Lass
Piper And The Fiddle
Piper And The Penguin
Piper Frap
Piper Of Drummond
Piper Of Dundee
Piper's Brae
Piper's Glen
Piper's Leg
Piper's Reel
Piper's Wedding (de Vroome)
Piper's Wedding (Johnstone)
Pipped At The Post
Pitlochry Celebration
Pitlochry Tryst
Pittencrieff Panic
Pitter Patter
Plantation Reel
Plate That Came By Itself
Platinum Jig
Platinum Jubilee
Platinum Orb
Platinum Pair
Platinum Reflections
Platinum Skies
Platinum Strathspey
Playford's Ceilidh
Pleased To Meet You
Pleasure Is Mine
Pleasures Of The Town
Plessey Woods
Plethora Of PiƱatas
Plum Tree Jig
Pluto's Head

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