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Subarashii Saitama Strathspey
Suas E!
Subarashii Saitama Strathspey
Sueno's Stone
Suffolk Lanes
Sugar Candie
Sugar Loaf Jig
Sugar On Snow (Burrage)
Sugar On Snow (McKinnell)
Sultan's Signature
Summer Assembly
Summer Bunting
Summer Festival
Summer Gathering
Summer In Assynt
Summer In Paris
Summer Meeting (Townshend)
Summer Of '94
Summer On The Beach
Summer On The Clyde
Summer Rain
Summer School Peregrinations
Summer Social
Summer Sun Days
Summer Sunday Strathspey
Summer Wooing
Summers End
Sunday Morning
Sunlit Square
Sunningdale Strathspey
Sunset On The Tay
Sunset Over Connel Bridge
Sunset Over Solway
Sunshine And Sweetie's Jig
Sunshine In Lagos
Sunshine Sally
Sunshine Village Ramble
Surbiton Frolic
Surprising Hannah
Survivor From St Andrews
Susan Scott Of San Rafael
Susanne's Strathspey
Susan's Jig
Susan's Souvenir
Susie From Penilee
Sutherland Rant
Sutherland Reel
Sutters Of Selkirk
Suzanne Barbour
Swan And The Tay
Swan On The Lake
Swans Of Salt Spring Island
Swans On The Tweed
Swashbuckling Iain
Sweet Basil
Sweet Surrender
Swinging Braes
Swings And Roundabouts
Swirling And Twirling Leaves
Swirling Snow
Swirling Spey
Swirling Waters (Drewry)
Swiss Lassie
Swithland Woods
Sydney's Reel
Sylvan Strathspey
Sylvia Full Of Grace
Symphony Hall Strathspey

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