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Ta Think A'gen
Tablet Maker's Reel
TAC 50
TACbook Scotts
TAC's Hospitality
Tae Fife And Back
Tae Gar Ye Loup
Taigh Mhicleod
Taigh Nan Gaidheal Srathspeidh Agus Ruidhle
Tailored For Christine
Tairāwhiti Wedding
Tak Me Awa
Tak Tent
Take 10
Take Care
Take Five
Take It Or Leave It
Take Wing
Talisker (Eddershaw)
Tall Guys' Strathspey
Tall Ship "Glenlee"
Tallahassee Reel
Tam O' Shanter (Keppie)
Tam O' Shanter (Malley)
Tam O' Shanter (Priddey)
Tamburin Jingles
Tammie Norie Jig
Tamworth Chase
Tandem Reel
Tandem To Anvil
Tandem Two-Step
Tangle O' The Isles
Tanglewood (Collins)
Tantalizing Treats
Tantalus Jig
Taobh Ri Taobh
Tap Ta Tae
Tap The Barrel
Tapadh Leibh
Tappie Toorie (Drewry)
Tappie Toorie (Goldring)
Tappie Toorie (Priddey)
Tapsalteerie (Clowes)
Tapsalteerie (Duigenan)
Tapsalteerie (Mitchell)
Tapsalteerie (Turner/Fogg)
Tarbert Fair
Targaid Danns
Tarry A While
Tarry Hat Jig
Tarry Woo'
Tartan Baggies
Tartan Bows
Tartan Buckle
Tartan Fling
Tartan Plaidie
Tartan Rainbow
Tartan Ribbons
Tartan Shawl
Tartan Waistcoat
Taste @ Sawtell
Tattie Bogle
Tatties 'N Neaps
Taunton Capers
Taylor's High Five
Tayport Beauty
Tayside Ladies
Tea Break
Tea Time
Tea With Sylvia
Teacher And The Music Man
Teacher's Pet
Teachers' Twin Birthday
Teanlowe Strathspey
Teddy Bears' Picnic (Collin)
Teddybear's Picnic (Leyffer)
Ted's Flying Shuttle
Teifi Jig
Telford Anniversary Jig
Telford Hornpipe
Tempest In A Teacup
Ten Beach Dancers
Ten Ladies Dancing
Ten O'Clock Reel
Ten Up For Kingston
Ten Year Reel
Ten Years On
Ten/6 In This Style
Tensome Reel
Tenth Frolic
Terrace Loggers' Jig
Terry Is Tea-rrific
Tesla Coil
Tête à tête In Paris
Teviot Bridge
Teviot Bridge Reconstructed
Tey Medley

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