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Note: The definite article is ignored, so for example 'The Sailor' is listed under Sa - Sg.

Thank You Bob
Thank You Jack
Thanks For All The Dancing
That Certain Someone
That Glaikit Waste Of Space
That's All You're Getting!
That's My Jo'
Théa's Welcome
Theeket Hoose
Their Secret
Thelma's Jig
There And Back
There And Back Again (Malley)
There Are No Kangaroos In Austria (Advanced)
There Are No Kangaroos In Austria (Basic)
There Be Dragons
There Cam' A Young Man (Boyd)
There Cam' A Young Man (Mitchell)
There's Nae Enough Bodies
There's Nae Luck Aboot The Hoose
There's Something About Thirty
There's Something About Triangles
They Reel'd And Set
They Stole My Wife From Me Last Night
Third Man
Thirteen Fourteen
Thirteenth Of September
Thirty Five Years And Still Counting
Thirty Isnae Enaw
Thirty Third Priest's Street
Thirty Years On
Thirty Years To Life
This Cordial Jig
This Is No' My Ain Hoose
This Is No My Ain Lassie
This One's Four Isobel
This Way Up
Thistle And The Columbine
Thistle And The Trillium
Thistle Dancers' Waltz
Thistle Down Reel
Thistle Dubh
Thistle Reel
Thistle School Jig
Thistle Welcome
Thistledown The Wind
Thither And Yon
Thomas Glover's Reel
Thornham Reel
Thornhill Strathspey
Thorntonian Jig
Thor's Hammer
Those Endless Winding Roads
Those Eyes
Thoughts Of Romance
Thousand Islands Hornpipe
Thread The Loom
Thread The Needle
Three "E"s
Three And One
Three And Two Is Five
Three Bonnie Maidens
Three Cornered Hat
Three Fathom Harbour
Three Feisty Women
Three Js' Jig
Three Kings Of Cullen
Three Naked Men
Three Oaks
Three Reel Four
Three Rivers Reel
Three Rs
Three Score And Ten (Harriman/Torf)
Three Score And Ten (Sim)
Three Score By Four
Three Score Years And Ten
Three Sheepskins
Three Shires
Three Sisters
Three Sisters Of Glencoe
Three Square Strathspey
Three Squared
Three Wild Lads
Three-Legged Cat
Three's A Crowd
Three's The Charm
Threesome Jig
Threesome Reel
Threesy Does It
Thresher Round
Thro' The Sma' Glen
Through The Looking Glass (Billmers)
Thrums Cairn
Thunderbird 5
Thurling Strathspey
Thursday Dram
Thursday Night Ladies
Tiaras And Teapots
Tibbie's Jig
Tibby Fowler O' The Glen
Tibby Walker's Jig
Tickle My Fancy
Tides Of Solva
Tie-Dyed And Gone To Heaven
Tigger Bounce
Till We Meet Up Again
Tillicoultry Glen
Time For A New Dog (Dance)
Time To Meet
Time To Spare
Tin Medal
Tine's Jig
Tinkling Jade
Tinto Hill
Tipsy O'er The Glen
Tipsy Vicar
Tiptoe And Sway
Tiptoe Jig
Tir Nan Og
Tirl The Sneck
Tis Nice Tae See You
Tittle Tattle
Tizzy Of Tadpoles

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