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W. James
Waggle O' The Kilt
Wagons West (Saul)
Wagon's West (Smith)
Waipu Wanderers
Waiting For Joyce
Waiting For The Daffodils
Wake Up Ones
Wakey Wakey
Walk Round
Walk With Me
Walker Strathspey
Walkers O' Banchory
Walkers Of Avonlea
Walking On Clouds
Walking Thru' The Bracken
Walled Garden
Walnut Cake
Walnut Cake With Chocolate Spread
Walnut Chaser
Walnut Orchard
Walnut Pie
Walnuts And Honey For Breakfast
Walnut Schiehallion Reel
Walnut Tree
Waltham Ladies
Waltz Country Dance
Wandering Drummer
Wandering Eggplant
Wandering Piper
Wandering Wallaby
Waratah Weaver
Warbarrow Bay
Warden's Wife
Warm Me Up Scottie
Warm Up
Warm Up 2
Warm Up Jig
Washing Line
Washington's Ways
Wasn't It A Party!
Wasps Of Mulben
Watchmaker (Cannell)
Watchmaker (Downey)
Watchmaker's Wife
Water Kelpie
Water Of Dryfe
Water Of Fleet
Water Of Leith
Water Ways
Waterfall Gill
Waternish Tangle
Water's Edge
Watson's Reel
Waverley Station Jig
Waverley Whispers
Waves Of Moray
Waves Of Tory
Waves On The Sea
Wavre Adieu À La Saltarelle
Waxing Of The Moon
Way Ahead
Way Out West
Waylen Bay Jig
Wayne Robertson's Reel
Wayne's Workout
Ways In New Hall

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